How to upgrade for one-click installation package for windows users (xampp)?
2017-08-11 09:09:50
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If you use Windows xampp integrated environment, please follow the steps below to upgrade.

1. Upgrade Steps

1.1 Download the latest package (.zip file). (Note: Do NOT download .exe file. If you download it, all the original data will be overridden).
1.2 Unzip the package to /xampp/zentao of ZenTao’s installation directory. For example, if it is in the directory c: /xampp/, then unzip the source package to c: /xampp/zentao and override all the data and files in this directory. (Operations: copy all the files in zentaopms/ to xampp/zentao/.)
1.3 Then visit http: //localhost/zentao/upgrade.php and follow the prompts to upgrade.
The upgrade path for Port 88 is http://localhost:88/zentao/upgrade.php.

2. Attention

2.1 Do not unzip the downloaded package to c:/xampp/zentao/zentao.
2.2 Do not remove all the original programs and then unzip the latest packag. It must be overridden.
2.3 Do not override it with one-click installation package ending with .exe.
2.4 If your one-click installation package is an older version, please modify the configuration of Apache as shown below.
Compile \ xampp \ apache \ conf \ httpd.conf.
AccessFileName .htaccess
Change .htaccess to .ztaccess and then restart apache service.